Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/11/19

Ryan’s doing well. Me, not so much. Feel something coming on, so I’m going to bed early to see if I can sleep it off. Oh wait! There’s no amount of sleep that’ll cure what I’ve got. Y’all can fill in the blank with whatever you think I’ve got…

Anyway, it was a beautifully sunny day today. Started out a bit cold, at a whopping 34 degrees, but eventually warmed up to the mid to upper 60’s. We had all the shades up in Ryan’s room so he could enjoy God’s creation. I really hope he’s not tormented by the view…kind of like prisoners on Alcatraz who had a view of the city. That’s one of my biggest concerns; that he’s at peace (enjoys the view) and not tormented…He certainly looks at peace. Praise the Lord for that!

Lord, We thank you that you’re watching over Ryan, and are in the process of healing him. Amen

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