Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/25/19

Gonna type as fast as I can, because my computer is dying and is not charging for some reason. Hopefully, I can keep the spelling errors to a minimum. Go thumbs go!

Anyway, the reason for not posting the past couple of days is due to Ryan being in the hospital with a bout of pneumonia and some intestinal blockage. He’ll be there for at least another couple of days in order to clean him out of all that ails him. Please pray the antibiotics will kick whatever type of pneumonia he has, and that I can stay awake long enough to make sure the nurses give him the proper attention that the little king deserves. As you know, the name Ryan means little king. It does around here anyway.

Thank you for hanging in there with us. Without you we’d be lost…

I’ll try to get back to my daily musings, but if I don’t post for a couple/few more days, you know why.

Have a wonderful day/week on and with purpose! xoxo

Hey look ma, no spelling airers!

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