Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/27/19

Ryan’s got the most amazing strength! It’s definitely of God. He continues to battle pneumonia, pancreatitis, some sort of blockage in his intestines, low blood pressure and potassium, and dehydration. All this is keeping his temperature, pulse, and blood pressure elevated. He’s got 4 different IV’s going at the same time to remedy these symptoms. Pour guy has had to suffer from needle after needle puncture just to find a vein to insert stints for the IV’s. And yet, he lays (lay? lei?) there calmly, as if to say, “It’s only a flesh wound”, and “Is that all you’ve got?” I admire his resilience. If it were me, I’d be crying like a little school boy who’d just dropped his Fudgesicle on the ground…Yes, that did happen…last year…

Anyway, it looks as though we’ll be camping out here for several more days if not a week or two. Chocolate, Marshmallows and Graham Crackers are on the shopping list for the next trip…

Thank y’all for praying. God’s answering…slowly but surely…

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