Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/29/19

God continues to use Ryan’s story to touch lives, and to show me the unfolding of His plan…at least in our small corner of the universe. Tonight, I went to dinner at a place up the street from the hospital, and the GM of the restaurant came over to check on how my meal was, which is typical of a GM to do. An hour plus later, we finished up our conversation and I headed back to Ryan’s room at the hospital. Turns out she had heard about Ryan when he first got injured, etc. There are several important facets to our conversation that I need to sift through and contemplate, so I can write them down coherently. At this moment, I’m pretty tired and feel like I’m about to hit a wall. Please forgive me if I tell you stories again and again, because I’m too worn out to remember telling them to you in the first place…You know who you are…

Anyway, Praise God that He is still revealing wonderful things to me pretty much on a daily basis. It’s awesome (in the true sense of the word) to watch His plan unfolding before my eyes…

Lord, Please continue to heal my boy, and while we’re waiting for his healing, please continue to reveal you master plan to us. Give us a glimpse of what you’re up to. Amen

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