Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/30/19

This popped up in my FB feed today. It’s a CD cover of a band I was part of for a short time. Wow, I had hair then! Good thing the photo was in black & white, because in real life my hair was orange…long story short, it was a dye job gone sideways. I only post this extremely embarrassing photo to let you know that all moments (good or bad) pass; and way too quickly. Cherish each and every…moment, that is. There is a lesson to be learned in each. The lesson here is: in a black & white photo, my hair probably would’ve shown as blonde anyway.

Which reminds me of the first haircut I gave Ryan. I may have already shared this story, so I’m sorry if you’re having to relive it. Anyway, when Ryan was two, I spent at least half an hour cutting Ryan’s hair, and just as I was putting the final touches on a masterpiece (I’m a legend in my own mind. You may call me Francewah), our dog Beau bumped my arm and oops! Ryan ended up with a shaved head. I was devastated, but Ryan didn’t mind one bit. He had been so patient throughout the process. There’s a huge lesson to be learned here. You’re all way smarter than I, so I’ll leave it at that. I love my patient boy!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/29/19

While Ryan was in the hospital, he wasn’t able to do many of the things he likes to; one of which is to wish people he loves a happy birthday. So to make up for it he’d like to make a blanket wish to all those who had birthdays between March 23 and April 29. Some of those include his Aunty Dana (March 29), Grandpa Ray (April 3), his deadbeat dad (April 11), his beautiful mother (April 18) and his uncle Bart (April 26). He would also like to mention you, but he’s not a mind reader, so unless you tell him when your birthday is, you’ll have to wait until the Birthday train comes around again    The likelihood of getting a wish then increases drammatically if you offer to bring him ice cream…a good kind.

I e

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/28/19

Hi All! We’re back up and running via my iPhone. Woohoo! As you know, I’m a little slow on the uptake. Thank you Captain Obvious! My computer died a couple of weeks ago, and I wasn’t smart enough until now to figure out that there’s an app to login to this website. Moving on: A lot has happened since my last update. If you’ll recall, Ryan went into the hospital on March 23 with what we expected to be the early stages of pneumonia. It turned out to be pneumonia, followed by pancreatitis, followed by pseudomonas, with complications of inflamed intestines which caused blockage…yada yada yada. Needless to say Ryan was a mess. He battled bravely for a month in the hospital and I’m happy to say we were able to bring him home this past Monday. He’s glad to be back home and back to being his cheerful (yet quiet) self. Many of you emailed us during the past month to let us know you were still praying for Ryan, and as always, we are forever grateful and in your debt for your loving kindness. We love and appreciate each and every one of you, and pray for you as well; that God’s loving grace and mercy will pour abundantly over you. Disclaimer: Due to fat thumbs you may, from time to time, encounter an occasional typo. Please be patient while at I work at getting leaner…thumbs.

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/18/19

It was a good day for Ryan…well, maybe better is a more appropriate adjective. Anyway, whatever antibiotic the docs put him on a couple of days ago seems to be working. He’s been on room air for several days now, and today his sat level was anywhere between 95-97%. At home he’s always around 97-99%. I’m usually at around 98%, and I’m relatively healthy for an old man. He hasn’t thrown up in a couple of days, and they started to slowly feed him through his G-tube again; increasing the volume slightly every 6 hours or so. So far, he’s been tolerating the increases without any repercussions. If he continues forward on this path, we can possibly bring him home as soon as Saturday…just in time to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Wouldn’t that be nice?

One day in the hospital is far too much for me. So, you can guess what almost 30 days feels like. I can’t imagine what Ryan must be feeling…

Please pray he can come home Saturday…or sooner…Thank you!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/17/19

When I left Ryan today, he looked much better; almost as good as he normally does. But…I hate buts…not those kind of butts…( I just like saying/writing about buts), anyway, the docs are still uncertain as to what is causing his intestinal issues. As I mentioned before, they’ve ruled out any of the bad things, and are leaning toward it being due to inflammation caused by the pancreatitis. But (DOH, there’s that word again!), what caused this in the first place? The number one cause of pancreatitis is alcohol, and unless Janine is slipping him some of her, what she calls, “special” medicine, we can check that one off the list. The number two cause is tobacco, and again, Janine…she likes to indulge in a good cigar every other day…unless she’s sharing with Ryan (she really doesn’t share anything with anybody), we can rule that one out. Number three is family history; no cases of pancreatitis that I know of…craziness a big yes, however (on Janine’s side, of course). Number four is substance abuse. Now, we may be onto something here. After all, he has been taking a lot of drugs over the last 8 years. The results of his drug levels did come back on Monday, and according to them, none of the drugs he’s taking are toxic and all levels are within range of where they’re supposed to be. Abdominal surgeries? Nope! Diet? Nope! Gallstones? Maybe, but they’ve done several scans specifically looking, and have found zero. Taking too many pills? Perhaps, which is why I’ve been trying to wean him off of unnecessary meds. Cystic fibrosis? Nope! Hypercalcemia (too much calcium)? Don’t think so, but I’ll ask the docs tomorrow.

We may never know what the cause of his pancreatitis is this time, just as we don’t know all the answers to everything. I’ve sure got a lot of questions for God, if/when I see Him…

PS-I may see Him soon if Janine happens to read this…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/16/19

This is how God works in my life…all the time…

So, a couple of weeks or so ago, I decided to go to the Walnut Creek Mels Diner for lunch. I sat at a table on the outside patio adjacent to the sidewalk. Now, I’ve been going to this particular Mels for many years, because it’s a small diner, just like the ones on the east coast. And, over the years, I’ve gotten to know many of the people who work there; and for this particular story’s sake, Becky, one of the servers. One of the busboys I knew came over and said hello, and took my drink order. Before he turned to go get my drink (an Arnold Palmer; my usual), I told him I hadn’t seen Becky in a while, and asked when she was working next. He replied, “she only works on Mondays now.” To which I responded, “Oh, no wonder.” No sooner did he turn away, but who should I see walking down the sidewalk. “Becky!” I shouted. She stopped, and we exchanged a quick hug. She proceeded to tell me she was on her way to New Life Christian Church in Alamo; a church that was down the street from Creekside Community Church; the church my family was going to when Ryan got injured. Anyway, she said she was going there to pray for her sister, Ellie (whom I mentioned yesterday), who had just been diagnosed with cancer. I told her I would pray for Ellie. She said, “Oh, you pray?” I replied, “Oh yeah, I pray.” To be continued…

So yesterday, I went into Mels for lunch, and this time Becky was there. I happened to sit in her section. I asked about her sister, and she said that the cancer reports were positive, in that the CT scans showed the cancer to be localized, and that the doctors were confident they could remove the cancer in one fell swoop. Of course, it’s not that easy, but it’s better than being spread all over the place. She’d still need to undergo radiation, etc., but the outlook was positive nonetheless. Becky then asked me why I prayed, and I told her I was a Christian and then about Ryan, etc. I was surprised she didn’t know about him after all these years. I guess I’m more selective about who I share his story with than I thought. Anyway, I proceeded to tell her how I believe Ryan is already healed in heaven (as are we all), that life on earth is short, and that we should cherish and be grateful for every moment. And, we should look for God’s hand in everything. We had a good conversation about life in general, and how God is always involved, and I believe that’s what we all need…all the time. We need to know God is ALWAYS involved; always working.

Open your eyes and see Him at work in your lives and in the world around you. He’s there. Walk in the light!

Ephesians 1:18a   I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you…

1 Thessalonians 5:16-19   Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Spirit.

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/15/19

Ryan looked much better today. The doctors think he’s got inflammation in the intestines caused from the pancreatitis he had, and it’s causing his on-going issues. They’ve explained it’s just a matter of time before it goes away, which could be a couple of days to a couple of months. I’m hoping and praying really hard for it to be the former, because none of us wants to be in the hospital any longer than we have to be.

Being in the hospital is sweet bitter; sweet because we meet a lot of nice people, and bitter because it’s a hospital…

Special Prayer Request for Ellie (sp?): One of our servers from The Original Mels Diners has a sister (Ellie) who was diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago. I’ll expand on the story tomorrow, but for now, please pray for a miracle for Ellie…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/14/19

As you know, we were in SoCal visiting our No. 2 (that doesn’t sound right) this past weekend, and had a wonderful time…especially at a fundraiser put on by Jacob’s fraternity for Make-A-Wish. They raised over $80K for the night. Wow!

We’re back now, and although the sun hasn’t gone completely down, I’m a bit exhausted and have decided to stay home and sleep, so I can be wide awake tomorrow when I go see Ryan, who is still in the hospital with who knows what?!?! The doctors are still trying to figure out what is going on, so at this point it’s anybody’s guess. The good news is, his grandparents stayed with him this weekend, and despite having a rough start to the weekend, he finished well, and is resting comfortably with temperature in check. Finishing well is the key…

Acts 20:24   But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.

I’m really looking forward to seeing and spending time with Ryan, and praying that he comes home from the hospital with a clean bill of health…soon! Thanks for continuing to lift him up in your prayers. He really needs them…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/11/19

I apologize for not posting the last couple of days. I was at the hospital with Ryan for 65 or so hours straight, and (if I’m being honest; and I always am with y’all…and everyone else for that matter) decided to be selfish last night and go to sleep. I actually thought about those of you who can’t sleep without reading my daily gibberish, but said, “ta heck wit y’all, I’m going ta bed.” You think my stuff is gibberish now? Well, I can’t imagine what would have been spewing out of my penny pencil having been deprived of that many hours, no scratch that, days of sleep. Anyway, here’s the update for today:

As you know, Ryan’s been in the hospital since Saturday, March 23 (Wow! It feels longer to me). He came in with signs of, and what actually turned out to be pneumonia, which morphed into pancreatitis; both of which have been treated with antibiotics and are now gone. There is, however, something else that’s going on with his intestinal track, and the doctors are trying to figure out what may be causing him to vomit, etc. They’ve ruled out any of the bad things that you might imagine (or not), and think it may have something to do with toxic levels of one of the many drugs he’s been getting. Imagine 8 years of being on any given drug. I don’t know of many, or any, studies that track the side effects of drugs after that long. Anyway, most of the drug levels in his body have been checked off, except for one (Keppra), and the results of those levels won’t be available until this coming Monday. Are you bored yet?

So, Ryan will be in the ICU at the hospital at least until the middle of next week. Oh the JOY! We really appreciate him being in the ICU, because the nurse to patient ratio is 1:2, and therefore Ryan gets the attention and care that is needed for someone in his condition. The downside of being in the ICU is that there are a lot of sick and dying people in there, and while the nurses try to keep on a cheery face, at times they can’t help but be human. The atmosphere in there can be pretty depressing. I can’t imagine doing their jobs day in and day out. There have been at least 4 people I know of, who have passed away since Ryan’s been there. Many times, the nurses will come into Ryan’s room for refuge; to get away from that depression. So, Ryan is in the hospital for more reasons than just being sick…

All praise, honor and glory be to the Lord Our God for being in control of EVERYTHING!


Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/8/19

I stayed with Ryan last night, and Praise God, he slept fairly well the entire night. His temp was normal, and his heart rate was below 100 for the first time in a while. When he’s asleep, however, his heart rate is typically in the 50’s. He looked much better this morning, but when I left, he was restless and needed a lot of suctioning (when he’s sick, he creates a lot of secretions which need to be suctioned out of his track tube, because he doesn’t have a consistent swallow). Anyway, he’s still battling something. I wish I had the stamina and strength that this young man has. I can’t even stay up one night without being tired and passing out the next day; which is basically what I did today when I got home…

Lord, Please heal Ryan now, so he can come home from the hospital soon. Thank you. Amen