Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/3/19

Got in to see Ryan at around 9:30 A.M. this morning to find him resting quite comfortably…even though he’s still got a bunch of probes attached to his body. He’s got two new pick lines to supplememt the two that are already being used for pumping him full of fluids. So, initially they were giving him antibiotics to fight pneumonia and pancreatitis and they seemed to be working, for those two things anyway, but not for another bacterial bug which is resistant to the meds they’ve giving him. So, they added another med to combat this latest bacteria. It’s hard to know what wire goes where. Let’s hope they’re doing what they need to be doing, because we’ve been here longer than we have been in the past. It would be nice to take him home in the next couple of days. All in all, the nurse staff taking care of him are doing a tremendous job working to get him better. We’ll see what he looks like tomorrow morning…



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