Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/5/19

A few days ago, I met the man in the ICU room next to Ryan’s. His name; Renee Torrez. 92 years old. I waved to him as I stood outside Ryan’s room (the nurses were tending to Ryan for something at the time), and he motioned for me to come into his room. He was sitting in his chair with the biggest smile on his face, and I took a knee before him. His eyes were bright blue and twinkling with a light that I immediately recognized as Jesus’ shining through. His voice was soft, kind and gentle, and told me how good God was and that Jesus was Lord, and how he had enjoyed Jesus’ blessing throughout his life. We talked for about half an hour that day. Since meeting him that first day, I would wave to him and he back, but I couldn’t go into his room to talk anymore, because Ryan has some sort of bacterial infection that has him somewhat isolated, and I didn’t want to infect Renee. Before I left last night, I went over to wave goodbye to Renee, but he was in bed sound asleep. When I arrived this morning, Renee was no longer in his room, and when I asked one of the nurses, she told me he had passed during the night.

Renee is now in the presence of his Lord and Savior, and will enjoy His blessings for…well, ever…

That brief encounter with Renee was nothing short of wonderful; God telling me through him that everything is going to be okay…He’s got this!

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