Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/11/19

I apologize for not posting the last couple of days. I was at the hospital with Ryan for 65 or so hours straight, and (if I’m being honest; and I always am with y’all…and everyone else for that matter) decided to be selfish last night and go to sleep. I actually thought about those of you who can’t sleep without reading my daily gibberish, but said, “ta heck wit y’all, I’m going ta bed.” You think my stuff is gibberish now? Well, I can’t imagine what would have been spewing out of my penny pencil having been deprived of that many hours, no scratch that, days of sleep. Anyway, here’s the update for today:

As you know, Ryan’s been in the hospital since Saturday, March 23 (Wow! It feels longer to me). He came in with signs of, and what actually turned out to be pneumonia, which morphed into pancreatitis; both of which have been treated with antibiotics and are now gone. There is, however, something else that’s going on with his intestinal track, and the doctors are trying to figure out what may be causing him to vomit, etc. They’ve ruled out any of the bad things that you might imagine (or not), and think it may have something to do with toxic levels of one of the many drugs he’s been getting. Imagine 8 years of being on any given drug. I don’t know of many, or any, studies that track the side effects of drugs after that long. Anyway, most of the drug levels in his body have been checked off, except for one (Keppra), and the results of those levels won’t be available until this coming Monday. Are you bored yet?

So, Ryan will be in the ICU at the hospital at least until the middle of next week. Oh the JOY! We really appreciate him being in the ICU, because the nurse to patient ratio is 1:2, and therefore Ryan gets the attention and care that is needed for someone in his condition. The downside of being in the ICU is that there are a lot of sick and dying people in there, and while the nurses try to keep on a cheery face, at times they can’t help but be human. The atmosphere in there can be pretty depressing. I can’t imagine doing their jobs day in and day out. There have been at least 4 people I know of, who have passed away since Ryan’s been there. Many times, the nurses will come into Ryan’s room for refuge; to get away from that depression. So, Ryan is in the hospital for more reasons than just being sick…

All praise, honor and glory be to the Lord Our God for being in control of EVERYTHING!


One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/11/19

  1. Thanks for the update Bret.  I can’t imagine the kind of stress and uncertainty you are all under!!Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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