Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/17/19

When I left Ryan today, he looked much better; almost as good as he normally does. But…I hate buts…not those kind of butts…( I just like saying/writing about buts), anyway, the docs are still uncertain as to what is causing his intestinal issues. As I mentioned before, they’ve ruled out any of the bad things, and are leaning toward it being due to inflammation caused by the pancreatitis. But (DOH, there’s that word again!), what caused this in the first place? The number one cause of pancreatitis is alcohol, and unless Janine is slipping him some of her, what she calls, “special” medicine, we can check that one off the list. The number two cause is tobacco, and again, Janine…she likes to indulge in a good cigar every other day…unless she’s sharing with Ryan (she really doesn’t share anything with anybody), we can rule that one out. Number three is family history; no cases of pancreatitis that I know of…craziness a big yes, however (on Janine’s side, of course). Number four is substance abuse. Now, we may be onto something here. After all, he has been taking a lot of drugs over the last 8 years. The results of his drug levels did come back on Monday, and according to them, none of the drugs he’s taking are toxic and all levels are within range of where they’re supposed to be. Abdominal surgeries? Nope! Diet? Nope! Gallstones? Maybe, but they’ve done several scans specifically looking, and have found zero. Taking too many pills? Perhaps, which is why I’ve been trying to wean him off of unnecessary meds. Cystic fibrosis? Nope! Hypercalcemia (too much calcium)? Don’t think so, but I’ll ask the docs tomorrow.

We may never know what the cause of his pancreatitis is this time, just as we don’t know all the answers to everything. I’ve sure got a lot of questions for God, if/when I see Him…

PS-I may see Him soon if Janine happens to read this…

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/17/19

  1. I know people that have had pancreatitis that doesn’t involve alcohol. I agree maybe meds for 8 years at such a young man. Maybe not pancreatitis. When is the last time they replaced feeding tube?

    Dr. Deveno


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