Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/18/19

It was a good day for Ryan…well, maybe better is a more appropriate adjective. Anyway, whatever antibiotic the docs put him on a couple of days ago seems to be working. He’s been on room air for several days now, and today his sat level was anywhere between 95-97%. At home he’s always around 97-99%. I’m usually at around 98%, and I’m relatively healthy for an old man. He hasn’t thrown up in a couple of days, and they started to slowly feed him through his G-tube again; increasing the volume slightly every 6 hours or so. So far, he’s been tolerating the increases without any repercussions. If he continues forward on this path, we can possibly bring him home as soon as Saturday…just in time to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Wouldn’t that be nice?

One day in the hospital is far too much for me. So, you can guess what almost 30 days feels like. I can’t imagine what Ryan must be feeling…

Please pray he can come home Saturday…or sooner…Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/18/19

  1. I am not getting any updates on Ryan’s miracle watch since April 18. I have been uplifted and inspired by your posts, Mr Buchanan, since Ryan’s accident in 2011. At that same time my sister was diagnosed with a glioblastoma and reading about the faith you have from The Caring Bridge to Ryan’s Miracle Watch, has been very therapeutic and just part of my daily routine. It helps me get a much needed attitude adjustment some days and overall gives me hope to be a better person and restore my faith, as it has been and a difficult road for me. I hope I can continue receiving your very thoughtful and at times numerous updates.
    Thank you. Shelley


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