Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/29/19

While Ryan was in the hospital, he wasn’t able to do many of the things he likes to; one of which is to wish people he loves a happy birthday. So to make up for it he’d like to make a blanket wish to all those who had birthdays between March 23 and April 29. Some of those include his Aunty Dana (March 29), Grandpa Ray (April 3), his deadbeat dad (April 11), his beautiful mother (April 18) and his uncle Bart (April 26). He would also like to mention you, but he’s not a mind reader, so unless you tell him when your birthday is, you’ll have to wait until the Birthday train comes around again    The likelihood of getting a wish then increases drammatically if you offer to bring him ice cream…a good kind.

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2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/29/19

  1. I’m a little older then you Bret so I stopped having them since my body parts are being replaced one at a time like my knees , surgery on the 29 of May. And you are from from being a dead beat my friend. Please give your sons a hug for me. Ps I’m 61 and a rough 61 lol.


    • We’ll be praying for your knee surgery to go well Dennis. Let’s hope there are no leftover nuts and bolts when they see you back up. I may be slightly younger than you (60), but I look and feel like I’m 80. I’m considering Botox and neuroplasti (sp?)…🙃


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