Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/30/19

This popped up in my FB feed today. It’s a CD cover of a band I was part of for a short time. Wow, I had hair then! Good thing the photo was in black & white, because in real life my hair was orange…long story short, it was a dye job gone sideways. I only post this extremely embarrassing photo to let you know that all moments (good or bad) pass; and way too quickly. Cherish each and every…moment, that is. There is a lesson to be learned in each. The lesson here is: in a black & white photo, my hair probably would’ve shown as blonde anyway.

Which reminds me of the first haircut I gave Ryan. I may have already shared this story, so I’m sorry if you’re having to relive it. Anyway, when Ryan was two, I spent at least half an hour cutting Ryan’s hair, and just as I was putting the final touches on a masterpiece (I’m a legend in my own mind. You may call me Francewah), our dog Beau bumped my arm and oops! Ryan ended up with a shaved head. I was devastated, but Ryan didn’t mind one bit. He had been so patient throughout the process. There’s a huge lesson to be learned here. You’re all way smarter than I, so I’ll leave it at that. I love my patient boy!

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