RMW 5/29/19

Prince (May he rest in peace), changed his name to a symbol. Target dropped it’s name, and identify now as just the symbol. Tonight, I’ve reduced Ryan’s Miracle Watch to its acronym…not quite a symbol, but close. It’s not going to be a permanent thing, mind you. I’m just being lazy tonight; although looking back, I should have just written Ryan’s Miracle Watch, because I would have used far less letters than I am in writing this explanation about it. Sometimes, I just don’t think things through. Oh well…

Ryan’s morning started out a bit rough (roughly?). He had a seizure, which subsided 25 minutes after giving him one of his “breakthrough” meds. Occasionally, despite the regimen of seizure meds he’s on, Ryan will have a seizure, also known as a breakthrough seizure. When this happens, a different seizure med is given. Anyway, he settled down, and was a perfect young man for the rest of today. Thank you Lord for comforting my son!

Do you like hot dogs? How about pulled pork? These are just two of the delectable that will be served at Ryan’s party this Saturday. Please bring your appetites with you, because as always we’re going to have way more food than people, and I don’t want to be eating hot dogs up until Christmas…which, by the way, is only 210 days away. I know, y’all think I should be a participant on Jeopardy now because I just rattled that off. The reality is I Googled it. And, unless Jeopardy changes its rules to allow participants to Google answers (or correctly speaking “answers in the form of a question”) while they play, then I won’t be appearing anytime soon…


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