Ryan’s Miracle Watch 6/8/19

You can always tell when it’s been a hot day (which, it was today) when it’s 80+ degrees outside at 7:30 in the evening. Tomorrow’s supposed to be hotter: in the low to mid 90’s. Welcome summer!

Ryan slept throughout my shift; not an uncommon occurrence lately. At least he didn’t have a seizure today. Praise God!

Wait!! No way!! Creature Features just came on!! I haven’t seen CF in decades. Yes, decades! There’s an hour left on my shift (the afternoon nurse had to leave at 8 this evening, so I get to watch Ryan until 11), so I’m going to watch…with my hands ready to cover my eyes in case there’s anything scary. Yep, I’m a fraidy cat. Wake up Ryan! You’ve got to watch with me and keep me safe!

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