Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/14/19

On June 25, 2011, in the back seat of a car on the way down to a beach near Santa Cruz for a youth group event, Ryan told a friend he “wanted to touch just one person for Jesus” that day. Y’all know what happened to Ryan later that day…

On the evening of June 26, several members of Creekside Community Church in Alamo, along with friends and community members (somewhere around 4-5 hundred people), gathered at the church for a prayer vigil for Ryan. Through tears of laughter, joy, sadness and fear, many people stood and shared stories about Ryan; about what he meant to them. After those who wanted to share finished, one young man got up and shared the following (and I’m paraphrasing to the best of my recollection):

“Hi, My name is David Boucher, and I’ve been one of Ryan’s best friends since we met in kindergarten. Throughout the years, Ryan has never been afraid to share with me, or anyone, about his faith, but never pushed it on us. On many occasions, he invited me to come to youth group events, and I would go sometimes. And, it just so happens, one of those times was yesterday at the beach when he got injured. To see all of you come together tonight and pray for and love on Ryan in a very tangible way, has really touched me. Until now, I didn’t understand what Ryan’s been sharing with me all of these years; about God’s Family, His Love, His Grace, His Mercy…and about His Salvation…WILL YOU PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, BECAUSE I WANT TO BE PART OF GOD’S FAMILY.”

Little did Ryan know when he uttered those words in the back seat of the car earlier that day, that God would honor his request…and, almost immediately…


To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/14/19

  1. Wow – that is very powerful, Bret. What an amazing testimony. Thanks for sharing that – great way to start the week!

    My love,


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