Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/17/19

Eight plus years ago, a few weeks/months (I don’t really remember how long) into writing this blog (if that’s what you want to call it), I renamed it “Ryan’s Miracle Watch”. It took a while, because sometimes it takes time to come up with the “right” words/title/etc. Authors and Song Writers sometimes pen entire books/songs before coming up with just the right title for their masterpieces; if only masterpieces in their own minds.

For years prior to, and ever since Ryan’s incident, I’ve seen miracles almost every day; just like the one I wrote about David Boucher and his father a couple to few days ago. I didn’t write about any of them until then, because it’s always been difficult for me to condense the experiences into a “Reader’s Digest” version; one that fits massive amounts of important detail into a version that doesn’t put anyone to sleep…including myself. “There are simply too many notes, but which ones should I leave out? – Amadeus paraphrase

In the days/weeks/months/years to come, I will share some of the miracles God has allowed me to see, and do my best to be as brief as possible without watering down their “significant magnificence”. Try saying that ten times fast. This won’t be easy, because they are so intricately woven together, it’s sometimes hard to tell one from another. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s all just one miracle…

Tomorrow, I’ll begin telling you about another…

BTW: Ryan slept through my entire shift today. I continue to bore him to sleep with my lengthy stories…

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