Ryan’s Miracle Watch 8/22/19

Today felt like earthquake weather; calm/still/stale, a little on the warm side, not a totally clear, but close to, sky. Those of us who live in California know what I’m talking about. And, when it feels like earthquake weather, it kind of makes me feel a bit uneasy. That same uneasy feeling applies to dramatic weather changes as it might mess with Ryan’s health; not in a good way. Last week and until a couple of days ago, the temp was in the low to mid-seventies. Yesterday it shot up to the low nineties. Today was a little cooler (88 degrees), but still on the warm side. Ryan’s had a bit of a temp going into this evening (I’ve been watching him this afternoon shift too, as his nurse called in sick today), and has been (like me) a bit unsettled. I’m hoping he’ll relax and gets a good night’s sleep; something he hasn’t had for the past few nights.

Please pray this is a tiny glitch in what otherwise has been a stellar several months, and that God will continue to heal him. Thank you.


A Rather Tired But Hopeful Father

PS- He did laugh out loud and smiled for me this morning. I love it when that happens!

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