Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/25/19

Twas a hot one today; hot for here anyway…about 97, give or take. Looks like it may be the last hot day for a while, however, as tomorrow’s forecast is a mere 80. The days to follow drop even further into the high 60’s to low 70’s. Ahh! Thank God for fall!!

Was watering Janine’s plants while she’s away (had to say that out loud), and for my thoughtful efforts got stung by a bee. I got my revenge, though. Let’s just say the bee now has X’s for its eyes. My McGuyver-like thinking kicked in, and I applied Tecnu (commonly used for poison oak) to the sting spot to draw out any poison which may have been injected. Worked like a charm too! No swelling, stinging or irritability whatsoever. Tecnu can also be used as a skunk repellent, pothole filler, charcoal starter and substitute for toothpaste. Not really, but it is amazing stuff. That’s my Tecnu plug for the day…

Ryan had another fantastic day…fantastic for him, anyway. Here’s to praying God will heal him tonight, so tomorrow he can share with the world all of the things he and God were talking about while he rested…


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