Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/5/19

Got a bit warm today (a dramatic departure from the Fall temps we’ve been experiencing), and it’s supposed to stay warm for the next few days. Some would think since I’m talking about the weather, that I’m shallow (in the sha-la-la-la low, in the sha-la-la-la-la low…sans Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper), and don’t have much else to talk about. Truth is, I’m talking about the weather because as those who’ve been following along know, any dramatic changes in the weather cause Ryan varying degrees of discomfort. Well, today was no exception, because Ryan has had an increased temp, and other symptoms (elevated heart rate, rosy-red cheeks, etc.) that could potentially lead to the flu…or worse. Hopefully, a little Motrin will eliminate the symptoms and any possibility of him getting sicker. Please pray accordingly. Thank you. xoxox


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