Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/29/19

The Monday before we left for China, the nursing agency found a nurse to cover my shifts. The power went out the day we left for China. Fortunately, I was able to get Ryan’s backup generator running the day before. When we got to China, we learned we didn’t have the internet, Facebook, etc., and therefore communication back home was going to be challenging, because with the power out, our house didn’t have WiFi and/or cell service. On top of that, what I thought was a land-line phone, turned out to be WiFi based as well. A few days into our trip, we learned there was an earthquake in the area, followed by another a couple of days later.

With all this going on (the devil was hard at work trying to distract), however, I was at peace knowing God had everything under control; that He would take care of Ryan…His child. And, despite having to eat Chinese food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we had a pretty good time. The next time I have to eat Chinese food will be too soon…

Upon our return, we found Ryan had been well-taken care of and provided for. Praise God for His caring grace and love!

PS – The power has been out in our area since last Saturday, and it wasn’t until this afternoon that it came back on, bringing with it the ability to connect with the outside world…and Netflix…once more! I feel all-knowing again, now that I can look things up on the internet. Ha ha…

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