Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/30/19

Enough good things can’t be said about the Onan Cummings generator Ryan has for backup power to his room…as well as our kitchen, and other important areas. The generator operated for 3.5 days without a hiccup and was still going strong when the power eventually came back on yesterday afternoon. There was a fire in Lafayette (just 4 miles away from our house) that, with high winds, could have wreaked much more havoc than it actually did. it so happened fire crews showed up and put out the fire quickly. Another disaster avoided. Ryan’s night nurse has been out for the past three nights, so I’ve had the pleasure of covering her shifts to watch Ryan. Even though I was gone for a couple of weeks, he’s already tired of seeing me…again.

Despite all the unusual things happening (both seen and unseen), we’ve been kept from harm. Thank you for your continued prayers for Ryan, and for surrounding us with your prayers. They really do unleash God’s protection around us.

Tomorrow’s another day (Lord willing). Make sure to look for God’s miracles in every situation…and be amazed!

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