Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/5/19

After all these years, there are still people who make fun of me (I could end this sentence here, and it would not surprise anyone) for saying start your Christmas shopping in February, because before you know Christmas will be upon us. Well…

I went into Home Goods the day before Halloween and they had already moved the Halloween stuff into the clearance section and put up all their Christmas stuff. What happened to Thanksgiving?? Life goes fast enough without businesses pushing through the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Christmas should be celebrated all year long (ultimately eliminating the shopping rush), but I do like to stop and smell the other holidays when it’s their time. Pretty soon it’s all going to blend together to create on beloved holiday…Hallowgivmasvalpateastmayodencebor Day. Don’t ask…

Celebrate each and every moment with vigor! And remember to give God the glory for each…

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