Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/16/19

I just realized I didn’t post anything yesterday, so I apologize to all of you who haven’t slept for a couple of days now. The reason I didn’t post is because Ryan and I were partying hard…Janine’s half way around the world on business, so you know how that plays out…

Truth be told, I went to a high school football game. Jacob’s old school, Campo, was playing Livermore in the first round of the NCS division 2 tournament. It started out a bit sketchy for both sides. On the very first play from scrimmage, Campo picked of a pass and almost ran it in for a touchdown. A few plays later and Campo scored. On the ensuing kickoff, Livermore ran the kickoff back for a touchdown. On the ensuing kickoff, Campo ran it back for a touchdown. So, within 2 minutes the score was 14-7. Campo ended up blowing Livermore away. I left with about two minutes to go, and the score was something like 41-17…and it wasn’t even that close. So, Ryan and I weren’t really partying…much.

He’s resting comfortably this evening. I sure do love that kid…

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