Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/18/19

Ryan and I spent a quite day together. After having partied all weekend, we had no other choice but to take it easy. We listened to a little music, and read a few chapters of the Bible…

We have another power outage scheduled for this coming Wednesday, which is supposed to last at least two days. Oh the joy! I need to make sure the generator is working again. It worked so well last time. Please pray it does this time as well. The things impacted most when it comes to Ryan, is 1. His air-filled bed. When the power is off, it deflates. So, it’s necessary to switch the mattress out for a firm one. It’s not too bad because the lift to get him out of bed to make the switch works on backup battery, and 2. His respiratory treatments get put on hold because the machines work only with power.

Please pray the power doesn’t get turned off (best case scenario), or if it does, that the generator works like the champ it did last time…Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/18/19

  1. Hi Bret,
    I have a 15 year old grandson here in Moraga who is profoundly disabled. He is on a feeding tube that uses a pump (with batteries which we can charge), oxygen when needed, a vest machine that needs electricity 3 x a day. We have always moved to a hotel with all of his gear but this time we plan to ride out the shut down with a generator and ice chests at our house (also in Moraga). I’d like to know what you use for a generator and if you have any suggestions. Do you worry about keeping the house warm or just layer Ryan with blankets? We do have a gas fireplace that spits out a little heat, as well as a gas cooktop. You should know that I pray for Ryan every day and look forward to your posts each evening. Your faithfulness and joy in serving your son is an inspiration to our family.


    • Good Morning Patricia. First let me say we appreciate your prayers for Ryan. We covet all the prayers we can get. Thank you so much! What is your grandson’s name? Ryan and I would like to add him to our prayer list. Regarding Power: We have a Cummings Onan natural gas generator that automatically comes on when the power goes down (Uninterruptible Power Supply). It powers everything; including all of our kitchen equipment. Ryan’s room/equipment is, therefore, not affected by a power outage; that is unless the generator does not work. We have faith it will; just like we have faith our car will start when we turn the ignition key. For further ease of mind, we also have a gasoline generator as back up to the back up. Worse comes to worse, we can always take Ryan to the hospital and wait things out. Ryan does have a Joey for feeding which is 120v/battery powered, but if that doesn’t work, we simply bolus feed him. His oxygen tanks take care of that need if we don’t have power for the O2 concentrator. I’m sure you know about Regional Center Services that will pay for certain things, but if not, I’d be happy to share more. Please let me know if there is anything we can help you with. God supplies all our needs…He is GOOD!!


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