Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/21/19

Tomorrow, Ryan’s mother returns from Prague, Czheckq Republic (or however you spell it), so Ryan and I are frantically cleaning the house in preparation for her return. One can only imagine (I’m not the one imagining, because I’m here) how messy…scratch that…trashed the place has gotten this past week. Can you say ransacked? I can imagine what wrath she will bring upon us if we don’t have things in order when she walks through the door…

Speaking about spelling, check this video out…Ryan and I are still laughing…

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/21/19

  1. One of the gals in my water aerobics class told us about twins who were named Lemonjello and Orangejello. Pronounced Lee-mon-ge-lo and Ora-ahn-ge-lo. She swears it is for real.


    • Ha ha! My mom knew a girl whose name was pronounced feh-mall-ay. The parents assumed the doctors named their baby girl when they saw her for the first time in the observation room and the tag on the crib said female…


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