Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/26/19

Missed another day posting yesterday, because I was too tired from all the day’s activities. Jacob’s home! ‘Nuf said…

During the summers when I was younger, I used to stay on my aunt and uncle’s farm in New York. My aunt had a parrot named Barney. We always knew when a rainstorm was about to hit the farm, because Barney would take a bath and ruffle his feathers about half and hour before the rain began to come down. I’m beginning to think Barney is living inside Ryan, because whenever the weather is about to change, Ryan’s temperature gets ruffled. Yesterday, his temp was unusually high, and today it started raining. If it goes untreated (usually a couple doses of Ibuprofen works), he may develop pneumonia, resulting with a trip to the hospital. We’ve given him the Ibuprofen, and now are praying it prohibits pneumonia…or anything else that’s harmful to his health and well-being. Will you all please pray with us? Thank you.

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