Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/25/20

Two weeks went really slowly…compared to everyday life which passes in the blink of an eyelid. After being away for two weeks on business, Janine finally returned home at around 6:30 P.M. I check in on Ryan and his new nurse, and see they are doing well. I’m in bed by 8:30, and completely unaware of the world by 8:31…

Woke up this morning ready to go another two weeks, but hope I don’t have to anytime soon…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/23/20

We pray for miracles, and they happen. Our agency sent a new nurse to train today, and tomorrow she’ll be taking over the afternoon shift vacancy/ies. And, one of the noc nurses is coming in tonight to cover (again) the shift for the nurse who’s out sick. So, our nursing shifts are, once again, whole. Praise God!

Speaking of whole: I’d really love to see God make Ryan whole soon. Let’s continue to pray for that.

And, do not forget to pray for the salvation of those who have yet to be saved.

Ephesians 6:18   And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

That about sums it up!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/22/20

I’m grateful for our weekend noc nurse that filled in to watch Ryan last night, so I could get some much needed rest. It’s a good thing she did, because the regular noc nurse has called in sick for the next couple of days, because her husband caught what she has/had, and she’s afraid of bringing anything in that might harm Ryan. I’m okay with it…for sure. That means, I’ll be up for the next two days straight…something I’m quite familiar with…unless a real miracle happens; which I never rule out.

Keep praying God will open your eyes to see/recognize the miracles that happen around you every day. It’s amazing when He allows us to see what He’s doing!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/21/20

Ryan was awake all night again last night. Don’t know why, but somehow his wires have gotten crossed. Fortunately, he’s been comfortable, and there doesn’t seem to be anything bothering him…too much, anyway.

It’s raining, so perhaps the change in weather has something to do with it. Who knows? Oh, that’s right! God does!

Psalm 147:5   Great is our Lord and abundant in strength; His understanding is infinite.

Lord, Please grant my son a good night’s sleep, that he may be rested and have much energy to praise you in the morning! Oh, and please heal him completely as well. Amen

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/20/20

Got to watch Ryan last night, as his night nurse called off with a cold. He didn’t sleep at all, so we listened to music (soft acoustic guitar) all night/morning long, until he finally fell asleep around 6 A.M. Then, he slept throughout my morning shift. I get to watch him again tonight. Let’s hope he gets back on track and sleeps through the night/morning. If not, we’ll listen to more soft music…not soft acoustic guitar, though…that’d be like going to China and eating nothing but Chinese food the entire time (something we did last October). If I don’t have Chinese food for a couple of years, it would be alright by me.

Please continue to pray for a nurse replacement, not only for Ryan’s sake, but because the loss of any more beauty sleep will cause this Prad Bitt face to look more like Frankenstein’s.

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/19/20

Toward the beginning of my shift with Ryan, this song began to play on Pandora Gospel radio. Initially I wasn’t paying attention, until the choir sang the lyric “You gotta remember, you’re in the Master’s hands”, and started vamping on the line “keep the faith”. For those of you who don’t know what “vamping” is, in a musicians world, it means they repeat a line over and over. You’ll get the idea when listening to this song…that is, if you take time to. Another line that stood out to me was “He has worked it out before”.

I’ve listened to this song a few times now, as it resonated with me at the beginning of my shift, and in moments since. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/18/20

When he was around two years of age, Ryan asked me, “Where does poo come from?”. I was a little uncomfortable, but gave him an honest explanation. He looked a little perplexed, and stared at me in stunned silence for a few seconds and asked, “And Tigger?”.

I actually saw this on FB, and immediately thought about Ryan, because he used to think and say things that made me laugh all the time. He’s made many people laugh throughout the years. Laughter is good! Daily laughter keeps the doctor away ever after…or something like that…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/17/19

Ryan’s blessed to have nurses that care about him. They’re rallying to cover some of the shifts until we can find a new nurse for him. I would’ve been watching him tomorrow, but his day nurse is going to stay 4 extra hours, and the night nurse is coming in 4 hours early. I might just sleep in…

Oh! And the night nurse came in half an hour early tonight, so I’m going to bed now…

Y’all sleep well. I know I’m gonna….

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/16/20

There are many definitions for the word “BALANCE’, but the following is my favorite:

noun:   harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements within a whole

Harmonious arrangement…

I got to spend 16 hours with Ryan today. He slept through the first eight, and was awake the last eight. That’s balance…

Most people, when asked the question, “If you could go back and change anything in your life, would you?”, they say no. I don’t think they’re being honest, but who am I to say…nobody. I’m in the minority, because there are a few things I would change. For starters, I’d go back and clean up the areas where things were out of balance…family time vs work vs play vs whatever. Oh! I’d also go back and invest money into Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. Yeah, I’d change a few things…

Ephesians 5:15   Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise.


Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/15/20

Baby it’s cold outside, and about to get colder. Supposed to be in the low to mid forties tomorrow, with rain. Love it, but will need to keep a close eye on Ryan’s vitals to make sure he doesn’t react adversely to it. So far (knock on wood, or my forehead), he’s been weathering (pun intended) the storm really well.

Tomorrow, I begin watching him for two shifts in a row…but only tomorrow and Friday. Then, just the afternoon shifts on the weekends…that is, until we get a new nurse to fill the vacancy. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Speaking about continued prayers…remember to pray for all those who are in need of Christ in their life. Your prayers DO make a difference!

Sleep well our friends! May God grant you a peaceful night’s sleep. And, to those of you in other parts of the world, who are already enjoying a new day, may God grant you a day full of miraculous discovery!