Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/1/2020

There are two zeros, two ones, and two twos in today’s date…in case you didn’t notice…

I’m ashamed (not really) to admit I went to bed before the clock struck 12 last night. That doesn’t, however, mean I didn’t celebrate the new year. I just happened to celebrate along with the Koreans and Australians; probably a lot earlier than all y’alls. The way I see it, the early bird catches the worm. BTW: worms don’t taste as good as they look.

Ryan spent the first day of the new year resting comfortably in bed; except for when his grandparents came over and put him through his physical therapy paces. Hey! No Pain, No Gain. Ryan has really benefitted from this ritual over the years. Even the doctors are impressed with how flexible he still is…for the most part. Thank you grandparents for your diligence over the years! He and I also watched a little college football, some Love It or List It on HGTV, and Guy’s Grocery Games. Nothing wrong with a little diversity. We’d like for Ryan to continue his ability to converse on different topics…something he always did, whether he knew anything about the subject or not…That’s one of the reasons we love him so much…

So, how did y’all spend the first day of 2020?

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/1/2020

  1. Bret,

    I hope you, your family, and Sandy & Ray in particular have the happiest and healthiest new year with some miraculous surprises.

    God bless,

    Mike Fahey


    • Thank you Mike! The same to you my friend! Let’s get together for lunch soon. I’m swamped in January, so please throw me out some dates in February that work for you, and we’ll try and make it happen.


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