y’sRna lceMrai tcWha 210902

Some days just feel out of order. Don’t know why, but know God is always in control and, therefore, I do not worry. I don’t worry, anyway, because I feel if I’m going to worry, I may as well get off my (*&%&^$ and try to do something about it.

Ryan had an amazing day with me today…other than a mild seizure this morning. It’s a good thing for medicine that works so swiftly to suppress a seizure’s symptoms. Thank you Lord, for giving some people the gift of figuring out medicines and cures for things that afflict people like Ryan…and other symptoms!

Y’all know what your gift is! The Holy Spirit tells you what it is. You know what yours is! USE IT! You won’t regret using it, because it’s what GOD wants. And, what GOD wants is the best…for you and everyone else!!

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