Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/20/20

Got to watch Ryan last night, as his night nurse called off with a cold. He didn’t sleep at all, so we listened to music (soft acoustic guitar) all night/morning long, until he finally fell asleep around 6 A.M. Then, he slept throughout my morning shift. I get to watch him again tonight. Let’s hope he gets back on track and sleeps through the night/morning. If not, we’ll listen to more soft music…not soft acoustic guitar, though…that’d be like going to China and eating nothing but Chinese food the entire time (something we did last October). If I don’t have Chinese food for a couple of years, it would be alright by me.

Please continue to pray for a nurse replacement, not only for Ryan’s sake, but because the loss of any more beauty sleep will cause this Prad Bitt face to look more like Frankenstein’s.

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