Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/3/20

Didn’t post anything the past couple of days, because of slow internet in the hotel. Not only did it take about 15 minutes to log into the computer, but an equal amount of time to type just one word. Being a man of MANY words, and a patient man (not), I couldn’t endure the drag for any length of time…

So, to make up for lost words…er, uh, I mean time…Nah, I’ll keep it short.

Jacob’s birthday weekend was nice. It’s always good to catch up with the young man…not so young anymore. Well, compared to me he is. The weekend went by way too quickly. They always do, but throw in time with a loved one, and it goes even quicker. Already miss him.

However, I’m glad to be back and loved spending time with Ryan. He was well-taken care of while we were away. Thank you all for praying for his new nurse. She’s great! Ryan’s up to full staffing again. Please pray it stays this way for a very long time…or at least until Ryan’s completely healed…which, I pray, will be tomorrow. Will y’all pray that along with me? Thank you!


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