Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/6/20

Thought I’d share today’s update about our friend Luke Souza. Please continue to pray with us for Luke’s complete healing…

“Hello friends and Happy New Year!! 2020 is going to be awesome! I Thought I would give a quick update since it’s been awhile.  As the saying goes, no news is good news.  👍👍 We are currently at his chemo appointment.  He goes every 3 weeks and has a 30min infusion.  Thankfully, He is tolerating it well and doesn’t feel sick or too tired afterwards. He has about 5 months left of treatments.

He has a PET SCAN next week on Wednesday,
Feb 12.   This will be his 2nd one post stem cell transplant.    🙏👍

Luke is feeling and looking so good! 😃 we are thankful! God is good!  I added few pictures from our weekend in Tahoe.

Blessings to you all!

God is Good All the Time!!

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