Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/13/20

I believe nothing would please Ryan more than if anyone out there needing God in their life, would pray the following prayer. It’ll take you less than a minute, and for doing so, you’ll gain an eternity spent in heaven. Speaking as a businessman, there has never been, and never will be, a better return on your investment. Ryan and I pray daily for this for each of you and yours…

I receive You as my personal Lord, King and Commander. I invite You into my life as the Lord and Ruler of my life. I no longer choose to be in charge of my life. I give it to You. I invite You, Jesus, to have first place in my heart and my life. I ask for Your cleansing blood that was shed on the cross to come now and wash down over all my sins. Come make me clean. Restore me to a right relationship as a child of my heavenly Father. Thank You, Lord, for Your cleansing blood! I stand clean and white in Your presence. I put on Your robe of righteousness which You are handing to me. Thank You, Lord.

If you just prayed this, the angels in heaven are rejoicing!! And, we are too!! Welcome to the family!!

Now, continue the chain by praying for people you know who need a touch from God…

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