Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/15/20

The weather here has been unusually warm for February…this after the hottest January on record. Hopefully, we’ll get some rain soon. But, I’m not writing this to boringly talk about the weather, for lack of anything better to talk about. I write this, because I want to ask for some preventative prayer for Ryan. For those of you who have been following Ryan’s story for any length of time, you know Ryan is highly sensitive to changes in weather; and especially when warm weather causes the plants/trees to pollenate early. It messes with his allergies on a much higher level than it does on most “normal” people. Please pray that Ryan will continue to have the great days/weeks/months, etc. he’s been having, and be able to withstand anything which might cause him any new  unwarranted discomfort and/or illness. We really don’t want him spending any time in the hospital…ever!

Lord, Please heal my son tonight. And, soften the hearts of those who need you in their lives. Amen

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/15/20

  1. I am praying for your son tonight as I have over the years. I check in on him every few months through this blog. I pray for you all and for your journey. But especially, for Ryan’s allergies. Love to you all.


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