Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/14/20

Didn’t post yesterday, because it was Friday the 13th. Not really. The real reason is. I didn’t want to spread the Coronavirus through the internet…

We’ve been on lockdown here for the past couple-few days and, so far, everything is A-Okay. Ryan’s been doing well. He’s all we’re really concerned about. Truth is, if we get it, it shouldn’t affect us much more than the normal flu. Problem is, this virus spreads faster than any other previous virus. So, the reason for the quarantine is to slow its spread. Sooner or later, the virus will take its course, regardless of what we do, but we can, at least, do our part to slow it down and save the hospitals from overcrowding.

Went to Safeway yesterday to get supplies, and wasn’t surprised to see the toilet paper isle completely out of toilet paper. People hoarding toilet paper is really (in my humble opinion) ridiculous. Do people really think they are going to go to the bathroom more than they normally do? Make sure to install, or turn on your, security cameras, because when this is over, there’s going to be an awful lot of TPing houses going on. Remember when?

Oh! Buy oil stocks now…

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