Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/21/20

Yesterday, I posed the question, “Are we living in “The End Times”? Well, I’ve thought about it and come to the conclusion, yes! Yes, we are living in the end times. In fact, we’ve been living in the end times since the day we were born. I always talk about how time flies…and the older I get, the faster it does. Follow along with me here; although, I must admit, sometimes I’m not able to follow my own thoughts. We’ve only got a certain amount of days in our lives here on earth, and they go by so quickly. We’ve all got an expiration date, so we may as well call it living in the end times.

But, do we really have an expiration date? The answer, on earth yes, beyond our time on earth, no.

So, to summarize: Since we don’t know the day we’re going to die and/or when the return of Christ will come, LIVE! LIVE like there’s not going to be a tomorrow! And most importantly, LIVE a life worthy of being called HOME when God decides to send His Son back! Decide now, before it’s too late!

Ryan says hello, and thanks y’all for keeping him in your prayers.

Virtual Kisses and Hugs while sheltering in place!           X           O           X           O           X           O

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