Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/25/20

So, if you think living with the family unit during this 6-feet of separation rule is a challenge, try having to watch someone like Ryan. It took a few days to figure out how to do most things in his day-t0-day care, but I’m still trying to figure some things out. Here are some of the things we’re finally doing well from 6-feet away…

Turning: As you know, in order for him not to develop bed sores, he needs to be turned every two hours. Not a problem. I use my push broom to move him from side to side.

Feeding: I haven’t figured out how to get to his g-tube, so for now I’m using a squirt gun. My aim is getting better, and I’m getting less up his nose.

Medicine: Again, I use a squirt gun. He currently gets about 60% of the meds he needs, but I’ve been practicing on my lunch break and hope to get that up to at least 63%.

Physical Therapy: Sometimes I turn him back and forth a couple of times. Needless to say, his muscles are shrinking.

Still Trying to Figure Out…

Changing Clothes: For now, he’s naked.

Giving Shots: Shot the injector through an African Blow Dart Tube, but can’t figure out how to push the plunger to administer the medicine. He’s got six needles stuck in him at the moment.

Bathing: Tried using a hose, but turned out to be a bit messy. Also tried using the squirt gun, but takes too long; especially during the rinse cycle.

Grooming: Ain’t happnin’. Insert picture of Grizzly Adams. Did try using my limb trimmer for his toenails…have added bandages to my shopping list.

Any ideas/suggestions are always welcome…

Have an amazing week on and with purpose!