Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/14/20

Roughly nine years ago I cut my leg in half with a chainsaw. Really. I have the scar to prove it. Being wise beyond my years (except for the cutting my leg part), I knew I needed to be patient and allow a proper amount of time to let it heal properly. Otherwise, I’d most likely walk with a limp or, at the very least, have pain for the rest of my life. Finally, after nearly six weeks of patiently not moving from a relatively comfortable chair, my leg healed and I was able to get around pretty much as well as I had before trying my hand at self-amputation. Aside from the scar, the only other reminder it happened, is that I can barely feel anything between my knee and ankle; as the nerves were severed.

I’ve highlighted the words patient and patiently, because God wanted me to learn patience. I admit, I’m not perfectly patient, but I’m much better at it than I was. And, I really need a lot of patience as I wait upon the Lord to heal my boy. Thank you Lord for preparing me. Wouldn’t have been my choice of lesson, but You have your methods, and apparently that was the prescribed type for me…

Can you think of the role patience has played and/or is playing in your lives? The Coronavirus pandemic might be another one of God’s lesson plans for us all. And, God’s plan is perfect!

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