Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/16/20

I felt a bit awkward yesterday when I walked into the bank with a mask on. And, while inside, I’m embarrassed to say I wet myself a little when another masked person entered the establishment. Note to self: Don’t drink anything prior to leaving the house. Add another scar to the many I’ve accumulated over the course of my life…

Spent another wonderful day with my boy young man. He’s been resting comfortably since he managed to defeat whatever was ailing him a week ago; and for that we are forever grateful to our Lord above.

I believe this pandemic/physical distancing/shelter-in-place thing can be, and has shown signs of being, an opportunity for the world to heal somewhat. Not that I’m for sickness and death, but there are some good things coming out of this. There’s less traffic, air pollution, noise, clutter. Material things have become less important. We’re finding new ways to live with a little less. Our vehicles are getting more weeks to the gallon. Feels like the pace of the world has slowed to a pace that if we are so inclined, we might actually smell the roses. I believe God is giving us this opportunity to reset. Reset…that’s a good word. I think I’ll take advantage of this time to reset and reprioritize; to focus on what really matters most in life…and in the life to come…

Lord, Heal my son completely. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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