Ryan’s Miracle Watch 6/11/20

Ryan’s O2 sats have been really low for the past week or so (in the upper 80’s to low 90’s range), causing us to supplement with his O2 machine. Haven’t had to do this in quite a while, and I don’t believe ever for this length of time. Last night and today, however, he bounced back on his own, and we’re praying his sat level will remain in the mid to high 90’s without the supplement. Please join us in that prayer…

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 6/11/20

  1. My son went almost a year off life support and on the oxygen and g-tube feedings daily along with tracheotomy respiratory care, he was making a comeback at 10 months when a lung infection hit. Prior to that, when his sat was below 92, I went into get the DME mode, make the equipment men for the oxygen unit bring new unit, sometimes it could be a simple line, hosing, or a cup that wasn’t showing enough of the oxygen, I panicked and usually he was the one to let me know, by a loud cough in the middle of the night, I would wash his face and notice the oxygen looked not as it should, prayers up and keep that number above 95.


    • Thank you Kathleen. Ryan’s typically on room air, but does low sats every so often. I did get him a new machine, because it wasn’t putting out the oxygen he needed. His sats were low even with the new O2 machine, but he’s bounced back…so far. He shows no other signs of anxiety or distress, so it’s quite odd to see his sat low. We can just continue to monitor his progress and pray for the best…


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