Ryan’s Miracle Watch 6/13/20

Didn’t post last night because I’m up in the mountains doing some work. As you will recall, or not, the internet up hear is really slow, and therefore takes an exorbitant amount of time to post anything, because I can only type at a rate of what seems to be three words per minute. I just didn’t have that kind of time yesterday. Well, you’re in luck, because today I do have some extra time…if you can call any time extra.

Anyway, two days ago I posted that Ryan was doing well with his O2 stats. Well, at around midnight his nurse called in a panic, because she couldn’t get his O2 above 80-something. I got up, went into his room, and in 15 minutes got him back on track. Problem averted for Ryan, but not for me trying to get any sleep for the rest of that night. Oh well…Ryan’s the only one who counts anyway…Gotta love that kid! And, I do…

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