Ryan’s Miracle Watch 6/22/20

Noc nurse called in sick again; this time, for the remainder of the week. So unless another nurse steps up to take a shift or two, I’ll be staying with Ryan through the night for the next several…nights, that is.

A couple of prayer requests for him: 1. His O2 sats are running low again from time to time. Prayer that God would cause him to take deeper breaths and fill his lungs with O2. 2. He bit his tongue the other day, causing him to bleed quite a bit. I was able to get it under control by rinsing his mouth thoroughly and giving him a sedative to relax and prevent him from clenching his jaws and reopening the wound. Prayer that God will cause him to relax without the use of additional medication (we’ve worked on weaning him off of many for the past several years).

Thank you all for continuing to support Ryan in prayer! xoxox

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