Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/5/20

APPRECIATE   verb:   recognize with gratitude; be grateful for; hold dear

I hope you enjoyed your last July 4th, 2020, because it will never happen again. And, I hope you’re enjoying your last days on earth, because they’ll never happen again either. Seriously! Our days are numbered (Job 14:5a). Many of us say, “I’ll get to it later” or “next time” or “maybe tomorrow” or “I meant to”. Many of us assume (you know what that means) there will be a tomorrow. Don’t count on it.

Before you know it, your children will be all grown up and moving out of the house. That vacation you promised you’d take with your family will take a second seat to yet another business meeting. The dread of driving your kids around to football, baseball, soccer, basketball, swim meets, dance, piano lessons, etc. ended just a few months ago…never to happen again, because your child can drive themselves now. The thought of sitting down with an older person to hear their life’s story (gems), is just that, a thought, because that person passed away last week.

Just a few short months ago, COVID-19 caused shelter-in-place, and many of us thought this is a perfect time to reflect on what is important and reset our priorities. Have we done that? It’s not too late. Or is it?

Are you appreciating the fact that there’s less traffic on the roads? Enjoy it now, because traffic is coming back…or is it? Have you given thanks for the 6 year supply of toilet paper blocking your tool chest in the garage?

Point is…Well, you get the point. Appreciate what you have in this moment, because this moment just went away…never to return…

If you stop watching, you may miss the miracle…

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