Ryan’s Miracle Watch 8/12/20

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ryan today, even though he was asleep for the bulk of my shift. He had a couple of small seizures yesterday and the day before, which had me a bit concerned, but I believe they were a result of him being startled about something. It happens sometimes, and a small dose of an anti-seizure med quickly diffuses any symptoms.

Anyway, he had no seizure/s and everything else was “normal” today. I’m looking forward to more of the same tomorrow. I’ll be watching him again, but this time for two shifts, as his Thursday afternoon nurse is still quarantining while awaiting results of her COVID test. I did text her today, and she and her family has no symptoms. Praise God for that. She’s anxious to come back to work. Who wouldn’t be when it’s Ryan they get to come back to???

Thank you all for praying extra mucho while we were away for a few days. Your prayers ALWAYS work. We’ll be coveting them again in a couple of days when we go down south to visit Jacob. Now there’s a young man we can’t wait to see as well!

Goodnight y’all …

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