Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/13/20

Does anybody else feel like this?                                                                      MONDAY TUESDAY  WEDNESDAY  THURSDAY  FRIDAY  BLINK   MONDAY MOVIE RECOMENDATION: The Peanut Butter Falcon on Amazon Prime  Ryan, Janine and I just finished watching it. Thank you Jacob for telling us about it. You finally recommended a good one… Congratulations to a couple of Ryan’s and our family’s friends for their weddings! Congratulations Sydney!! Congratulations Lauren!! May God’s grace abound in your marriages!! And, congratulations to their wonderful parents!! You know who you are…xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/13/20

  1. Thanks so much Bret!  Was a wonderful wedding celebration.  So grateful that we were able to celebrate their marriage despite COVID, etc. Also, we LOVED the Peanut Butter Falcon.  Wasn’t it the best?  So sweet and funny, and sad at the same time.   And how ’bout that Raiders win today?  Woo hoo hoo!  Wish we had been at the stadium with you and could’ve brought some DIBS over to celebrate. Tell Janine and Ryan hello from all of the Biekerts.  Riley and I will be over soon to check out that tree house when it is done.  Love you guys.  Shawna


    • I’d better hurry up and finish my treehouse, so I can see you guys. It’s a slow go at the moment, because I’m working on the roof, am afraid of heights, and don’t want to fall off. Once I get that on (hopefully, this week sometime), it should go a lot faster. Love you too!! xoxo


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