Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/16/20

This new format is driving me insane…or, more insane than I already was. Tried to post yesterday, but the page would not load. I’m going to load this program into the shredder and fire it…ah, on second thought, I’ll go get some ice cream and come back later to try again. Sorry about the rant…In other news, the air quality improved a bit today. In other words, not as much smoke from fires in the air. Still not back to the fresh, polluted air we’re used to, but getting there. Ryan’s been steady Eddie throughout. Just dawned on me that his middle name is Edward…hmmm. I couldn’t have done that if I tried. I’ve managed to wean him off one dose of another medicine. Now he only takes this particular med 2 times a day instead of three. Slowly, but surely. I know, don’t call you Surely…Finally: Ask God to help you make the best possible decisions you can each and every time, and see if  you end up doing things a bit differently.

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