Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/17/20

Ryan’s morning with me began with a small seizure. Sometimes, by holding/hugging him and massaging his shoulders for a few moments, he manages to calm down and the seizure subsides. It wasn’t the case this morning, so I had to give him a small dose of medicine, which did work……..I don’t know about you, but some of my days are full of way too many things; so many that my mind feels like it’s going to explode. Things big and small like to-do lists, work/business, what to cook, what to wear, various choices to make, how to act/react in certain situations, should/shouldn’t I?, thoughts…Yes, thoughts. Just thinking about stuff can be overwhelming at times; especially since I’m only able to manage one thought (maybe two) at a time depending on the subject matter…Eh, who am I kidding?…just one. When I find myself getting overwhelmed, I have to force myself to STOP (In the name of Love…sorry), take a breath and prioritize. I then proceed to knock things off one at a time; which is all I can really do, because I’m not a multitasker. If I can accomplish this, I usually make it through the day without getting a heggit (Ryan’s word for headache). Today was one of those days…way too many things, but no heggit. Thank you Lord for giving me many opportunities to practice stopping, breathing and prioritizing. I pray you’ll give me another opportunity to practice tomorrow. If, for some reason however, I fail, thank you in advance for aspirin…

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