Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/14/20

Just bought a new air filter device for Ryan’s room. A very good friend of mine is selling them. He used it during the fires, and it eliminated all the smoke from his home during the wildfires in his area. His wife’s allergies are no more, etc. etc. It’s NASA technology (not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing), and supposed to eliminate, from the air and all surfaces, all sorts of bad viruses/infectious bacteria and the like, including COVID. There’s lab testing/backing verifying the claim. The unit is small, but mighty, and can cover up to 5000 square feet. It’s currently running, and is really quiet. I ‘d better check to see if it’s even on? Yep, it still is! They say it’ll take a couple of days to filter everything, so we’ll see. We’ve got 14 days to make sure it works properly. If not, we’ll return it for a full refund…but, I’m 99.9% positive it will work. Please pray that it does. It will be one more protective measure for our boy…er uh, young man…and us too! I’ll keep you posted about it…

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