Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/30/20

Ryan was awake from the moment I walked into his room this morning, until the time I handed him over to the swing shift nurse. And, he was very attentive when I spoke to him…attentive meaning he looked at me when I was talking to him. What parent doesn’t want that from their kids, huh?Woo Hoo!! It’s Christmas Month Eve!! The Christmas lights are up outside Ryan’s room, and tomorrow they’ll be lit for him to enjoy. I’d say others could enjoy them too, but we live in a secluded area, where nobody can really see them…and/or anything that goes on here for that matter. Don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not…but we like it. Sleep well world! And, for those of you who are just starting your day (or whatever fraction of the day it is where you are), live well!

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