Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/6/21

It’s been a lovely sunny and peaceful day here. Ryan has been awake since 3 A.M. (You read that right…since 3 A.M.) and enjoying every minute of it. I started watching him at 3 P.M. as his usual afternoon nurse took the day off. It was really nice to have him awake and “alert” all afternoon and up until I left him in his mother’s capable hands about half an hour or so ago. I italicized alert, because there were a lot of moments when he was tracking me with his eyes, and he seemed to be engaged when I spoke to him. In fact, he smiled at something I said that was funny. Maybe it was funny only to me and he was just curtesy smiling, but it was a smile nonetheless. I’ll take it. Thank you Lord!

WARNING: Do not let the grocery stores take your temperature anymore prior to entering. They’re actually erasing your memories. I was shocked when I got back home and opened my bag to find that, instead of the salad items I was supposed to have gotten, there was only ice cream and cookies.

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/6/21

  1. Love hearing that Ryan is interacting with you. Prayers for all of you.
    LORD please heal Ryan, now.
    Love to you all.


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